PLAN/NEEDS/IDEAS FOR WHAT YOU WILL SHOW IN LIBRARY...what do you need in terms of the space?
Elizabeth Mahon
Politics and Colorado River Dams
A paper comparing and contrasting the debates over Davis Dam, Echo Park and Glen Canyon Dams, and Marble Canyon and Bridge Canyon Dams.
present change of how dams were perceived over time...
Amanda Sutherland
The History Yacht Design and Fabrication from the turn of the 19th century
A paper discussing the shifts in boat building fabrication and the corresponding relationship between engineering vs design, as seen through through the lens of the sailing industry.
A visual representation of my project in the form of a circle of hanging photos which are relevant to the research I have done. The aim is to create a physical space in which people can come discuss my project and have many visual prompts to help them understand why I think the subject is so interesting. This stems from conversations I have already had with people about the subject, which are almost always prompted by them seeing photos I have and being interested enough to sit down in my massive circle of books to have a chat. For this I will need about an 8ft diameter circle of space, which of course could be smaller if necessary. It would also need to be somewhere with a reasonably low ceiling.
Ariana Chae
Introduction to Engineering for 7th Graders
I spent a semester building curriculum and teaching a 7th grade science class about the various types of engineering using fun, hands-on activities.
Using a MaKey MaKey to add a physical aspect to computer games. Need a monitor, would love to make it look like an arcade.
Alyssa Bawgus
Concept Art
Created a series of paintings and sketches to development a thematic cohesive series of a fictions world.
Wall space for 3 prints + sketches. An additional monitor (that I can provide) for showing process works.
Adriana & Ankeet

showing and telling book club: what we did, why it's awesome, how you can do it too
make a physical space with some kind of "reading fort"; directed activity like reading a story aloud...; consider how to communicate about starting a new book group...have people plan on the wiki...; use the fact that there are multiple people...e.g. one leads discussion and one talks about folks w website...

like to show website and see pictures and videos of photographers innovating; and like idea of being surrounded by books and "nice" computer where folks can interact w it...Oren & Stephanie would like to be near each other in the space...could he get a touch-screen computer for this event?
High Speed Photography of Liquids
A series of photographs of (mostly) high speed phenomena in liquid media.
will print photos in large format; would want to mount on a partition and create "mini gallery" space; maybe collaborate w Oren and have relevant research nearby...; maybe set up station where people can do quick photography themselves...
Morgan Bassford
Creating a Historical Fiction Novel
Two chapters and a plot outline of a historical fiction novel about young Ada Lovelace.
"Tea time" to discuss creating a historical fiction novel with notes and visual aids on how plotting occurred. I will bring cucumber sandwiches and tea.

potential partnership w Jimmy in terms of talking about representation/conversation at Olin about racial/cultural identity...showing images that are either original or manipulated, talking about them thematically...
Talking Yellow
A film about Asian American identity at Olin. 15 minutes.
Take one of the library workrooms. Film is played every hour, with discussion taking place outside afterwards.
Wearable Sculpture
A mixed media fabric and carbon fiber wearable sculpture that explores soft vs. hard, art vs. tech, and masculinity vs. femininity.
Movie; film the garment on a white background...have the garment on display in a way that will allow the audience to interact with it. Artist statement. Laptop or tablet that documents process...
Alex Spies
Slipcast Squid
A sculpture depicting a squid. Porcelain and clear glaze.
Hang the sculpture from the ceiling with wire/string. The sculpture measures approximately 8''x8''x60''. Some documentation of the process and an artist statement will be included.
Philicia Chow

A piano recital incorporating Schubert's Impromptus and Schumann's Piano Quintet.
I'm thinking about leaving my program notes on display. And maybe if I end up filming my practice sessions, I can show that in one of the team rooms. I'll need a project for that.
Nick Lapin
Five sets of photographs grouped by subject or theme.
Planning to collaborate with Steph and potentially mount pictures in a similar way.
Ry Horsey
Augustine's Confessions
Five vignettes exploring Saint Augustine and his unique work 'The Confessions.'
Mounting five statements on large poster-board plexi something board and standing them in a semi-circle using the little metal easel stands.
Nick E
Space Taken

I have four photos which I will mount on the wall (each is ~27"Wx20"H). I also have a book which I can display on top of a table or bookshelf or something.
A cappella

listening with PowerChords rehearsal scheduled that night? Stake holders?
Brian & Claire
Next to Normal
This semester we put on a production of the Tony and Pulitzer Prize winning musical Next to Normal in Sorenson's Blackbox theater.
Have an open brainstorm / discussion to get people encouraged to join in putting on a musical next semester. We can talk about Next to Normal and how we can do something similar again in the future.