Welcome to Olin's Communication Rubric Page. We hope you enjoy your stay!
The following documents offer a set of guidelines for Olin's communication competency. We begin with a "master" set of guidelines that offer a high level approach to communication proficiency, but this is subdivided into more detailed guidelines for the different types of communication.
These documents are in draft form, and we encourage you to use or adapt any section that is helpful to you.

Master Rubric:

Non-technical writing:

Technical writing:

Oral communication:

Graphical communication:

Visual communication:

Want to see how faculty have adapted and used rubrics at Olin? Take a look at some of the documents here, and please feel free to upload an example of your own.

Fulbright peer-editing rubric:

Fulbright peer-editing samples aligned with rubric:

ICB peer-editing rubric:

Leadership & Ethics general writing rubric:

Leadership & Ethics essay prompt with compressed rubric:

"Seeing and Hearing" AHS Foundation essay Prompt:

"Seeing and Hearing" AHS Foundation rubric paired with essay prompt:

AHS Capstone "Scholarly Report" assessment rubric: