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Please enter your TA plan under the heading with your name. The TAs is here to help you, and does not want to take up your time with activities that don't help you make progress. A few suggested ways the TA can help you are listed below, but don't feel limited by them--please suggest your own alternative! Remember, if you want the TA to contact you via IM, you need to provide the TA with your screen name.
  • Virtual or in person weekly meetings, approx. 15 minutes each.
  • Virtual or in person meetings every other week, approx. 30 minutes each.
  • Stalk your wiki updates, and bother you when slack off. Virtual or in person meetings upon request.
  • IM nag you every week, to make sure you stay on track. Virtual or in person meetings upon request.
  • An option of your choosing, to be approved by your TA.

If you are enrolled in Prepstone, please write your name below and enter your TA plan:
Molly Farison: virtual weekly meetings (phone call preferred), approx. 15 minutes each